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About us

Flying Cox are the inadvertent invention of Captain and with your help are proudly flying around the world

We make Flying Cox to put a smile on peoples faces:)

Flying Cox H.Q. is located just south of Portland, Oregon

We've been cuttin' cox since June 2008

The first Flying Cox was a little wrinkly and was called a Flying Wang

It was designed for a friend's Bachelor Party back in 2008.  After scouring the internet and looking at way too many cocks, Captain free handed the design that would become an iconic little dick bird we know today as the Flying Cox.

They were named Flying Cox after a friend's last name so we could get away with calling our relay team The Flying Cox and put Flying Cox stickers on everything during Hood To Coast.

Flying Cox are manufactured with pride in West Linn, Oregon by a team of dedicated dick byrd artisans.

Email with inquires, ideas, and pictures of Flying Cox in the wild

Facebook: Flying Cox

Instagram #flyingcox


Pinky and Captain spreading the love @ Bay to Breakers in San Francisco