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Blue Balls (100+)

Blue Balls (100+)

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Variety of 100+ blue Flying Cox in the 3 best sizes known to man

(4 sheets) - 1" Flying Cox each about the size of a quarter, 12 per sheet

(2 sheets) - 1/2" Flying Cox each about the size of a dime, 24 per sheet

(4 sheets) - 3" Flying Cox (the big boys), 3 per sheet

Over 100 blue Flying Cox, which is really 200+ blue balls!

- Infinite uses for: cell phone cases, hard hats, your car, your moms car, your girlfriend's car,  bathrooms, suntan lines, hat bills, bookmarks, garbage cans, skateboards, garbage cans to keep em separated, mailboxes, making family portraits awesome, gambler 500 cars, etc

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